Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Windy Saturday

Saturday saw only keelboats - and one dinghy that apparently missed the consensus - out on the Seapoint course on Saturday. The OK Dinghy sailed out and dealt with the 30+knot gusts very nicely before seeing some Flying Fifteens starting to have difficulty and deciding a return to the harbor was in order.

Full report over on the OK Dinghy site here

The run back was kinda fun, with sustained 22km/h sections through steep chop. And chicken gybes rather than actual gybes seemed sensible in the context.

The video is unedited since Go Pro Studio keeps crashing. So it's long. 

There were lots of dinghies back inside the harbor, but only the OK Dinghy and one Laser 4.7 were seen outside the walls. Were there others?
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