Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Solid Saturday Session in Seapoint

While Tuesday night was sadly blown out and then blocked by cruise ship traffic, Saturday last had a good day's sailing for all the weekend warriors in Seapoint.

Prospects were initially not good as the dinghies drifted out into a totally becalmed Dun Laoghaire harbor. Fortune's Finn and one or two IDRA14s got friendly tows, but many Flying Fifteens, Dragons and yours truly got left sitting in the harbor for quite a while.

The wind arrived just in time for sailors to escape and racing to commence, but sadly the sun left as the wind arrived.  All that sunscreen for nothing!

With Mermaids, PY and IDRA14s lining up all one start it was busy on the line but the OK Dinghy got away reasonably clear ahead of the heavier boats. There was lots of  of close tacking up the beats and close mark roundings after the runs, with all enjoying the close action. A Mermaid crossed the line first of all with the OK Dinghy shortly behind and the IDRAs behind that.

Seapoint tacking matches
The SID Vago was notably faster than last year and was well in touch with the racing even after several laps. Great to see.  The benefits of the Frostbites shining through!  Fortune's Finn had retired by the end of Race 1....equipment failure we think.

Race 2 was interesting, with the first attempt abandoned after the fleets went off to sea looking for a non-existent gybe mark. Some Flying Fifteens were well out into the cruiser fleets by the time the committee's RIBs caught up and called the fleets back. The SID Vago was the most alert of the dinghies to the mistake and had cleverly headed for the committee boat well before anyone else.

The second attempt at Race 2 went off well. One Mermaid tried a timed run and - while successfully rolling over the top of the OK Dinghy at the gun - got the timing a little wrong and was immediately called back to restart. The OK Dinghy took the lead of the varied dinghies rounding inside at the leeward mark and held on to take the gun.

There's an OK Dinghy specific report over at their site (link here). The videos are rather long but the race 1 video shows some of the close tacking action up the beats.


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