Friday, May 12, 2017

Tranquil Tuesday - Prosecco conditions

9th May - Second evening of DBSC racing in the harbour.
A fine turnout of 15 Lasers, many of whom had recently completed a weekend training session, put on a scintillating display of close racing in a 6-8 knot breeze from 110 degrees. Darach Dineen and Damien Maloney finished 1st and 2nd in both races while 3rd was taken by John Marmelstein and Conor O'Leary respectively. "Places on the podium are hard - damn hard - to come by these days," muttered an anonymous source.
Elsewhere, Des Fortune pulled off a third successive victory in the Finn while the second race was snapped up by debutant Dara McDonagh's RS400 -despite attempting to miss the last lap! Looks like a fast boat..... Des leads the series, as Richard Tate and Tom Murphy did their stint with the amazing RC team on Firebird.

In the IDRA14's - another fleet with a healthy turnout - Dunmoanin (Frank Hamilton) and Slipstream (JulieAscoop) scooped the race wins. In the Fireballs Clandog Millionaire (Clancy Brothers) claimed a double bullet again - DBSC results here

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