Sunday, June 19, 2016

Big Courses, Medium Breeze, Small Fields

The forecast for the NYC regatta on Saturday 18th was light winds but Seapoint had other plans and delivered up a perfect 10-14kt westerley breeze. Coming off the land it was as shifty as Boris Johnson and there were lighter air holes into which one could fall but those who made the effort to get out racing were well rewarded.

PRO Harry Gallagher visting from HYC set some really big courses which appeared daunting at first glance but in actual fact he got the balance right with the other fleets by adjusting the number of rounds which compacted the fleets back together at the finishes.

A big Flying Fifteen fleet got away clean first, followed by a depleted (but always competitive) fireball gang. The Squibs supported the event well by mustering the usual friendly bunch.

NYC Regatta

PY was not a great show though one of the boats (an NYC club wayfarer) was being helmed by famous match racing skipper John Prenderville. At the start of the second race John gave the assembled Laser fleet an unforgettable show of his amazing starting skill. Sadly for John his single competitor sailing an RS200 shrugged off his aggressive start and went on to win hands down. Bravo RS200 Girl Jemima Owens!

The Lasers were supposed to be 6. 5 made it onto the race area but somehow only 4 started. Gavan Murphy and Shirley Gilmore represented the RStG while John Sisk, Alan McNab and Paul Keane were flying the flag for the RIYC. It's a pity for the NYC, with no less than 2 of it's members competing in Lasers in the forthcoming Olympics, that the club failed to get any Lasers onto their own regatta startline. Apparently there are 29 Lasers parked on the forecourt of the NYC. That's some disconnect and clearly we need to 'go figure' this dinghy racing lark (again)!

In the chatter on the NYC deck after racing the conversation inevitably arrived at the 'other things' besides sailing that people do at the weekend. Here we were back off the water from some super racing, sipping a beer (or a free dark n'stormy) in the sea air, having been fed from an outdoor barbeque, soaking up a little sun, listening to a live band beside a bouncing castle almost bursting with laughing kids and I wondered - wouldn't it be nice if the 4 Regatta Saturdays that roll around every two years could be the other thing that people do?

Results are over on DBSC
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