Monday, June 29, 2015

PY in DLR - not happening

The PY fleet in Dun Laoghaire has been working hard, trying to overcome the DLR's exclusion of PY from the starting line-up and to raise a block entry.

That attempt to raise the required block of 8 boats (entering in a group) to get added back into the event has finally been abandoned. With several boats having seen that PY had no "normal" start in the event they made other plans for the weekend and the fleet hasn't been able to get enough committed entries.

So. No PY this year.

Disappointing, but there it is.

If some other fleets don't get some last minute sign-ups they'll be below or barely above the 8 threshold, but they have a start anyway. This leaves the PY fleet (as far as we know) as the only DBSC class with no start in the DLR. And without any explanation. 

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