Monday, February 23, 2015

Dublin Bay Lasers go for One Night Stand in a Busy 2015

As 40 Lasers enter the last few weeks of typically close racing in the perennial DMYC Frostbite series, we look forward to the warmer months, especially after some subtle but significant changes by Dublin Bay Sailing Club (see attached for details).  DBSC has been engaged in lengthy discussions with all dinghy classes and there are a few key format tweaks, including two new classes in the shape of the Laser (previously in PY) and the RS 200/400.  

The idea for Lasers is to focus everybody on Tuesday evenings for club racing, thereby freeing up weekends for other sailing (eg, Laser regattas or other DBSC classes) or indeed for family obligations.  Some other DBSC dinghy classes, however, stick with the tried and trusted Saturday plus Tuesday format.  Horses for courses and Hats Off to DBSC for a flexible approach.

But one thing’s for sure; the simple Laser formula is as popular as ever. A perfectly competitive boat is just €2k and the associated costs are very low. The healthy exercise from hiking and working a Laser is catching the Fitness wave too and makes the single-hander a popular lifestyle choice for sailors who also cycle, run or whatever.  In anything over 5 knots it’s the ultimate full body workout! In the last 18 months we’re also seeing young graduates from the vibrant DL scene for the smaller 4.7 and Radial rigs. How great it is to see them transition into the local racing scene. Many of these younger sailors - like us older types (!) - are inspired by the international exploits of the Waterfront’s own Annalise Murphy and Finn Lynch, who can be seen out training on the Bay, using exactly the same equipment as the rest of us.  

Pic Courtesy of Gareth Craig and fotosail

So....Get that Laser out of the garden, or don't put it away after the Frostbites !   Join us on Dublin Bay for glorious Tuesday night racing and other events highlighted in the attachment.  We want to see all ages and ability levels.  We'll even lay on some coaching and we’ll definitely meet up for a drink after racing each Tuesday.

See the poster here.  

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