Tuesday, July 29, 2014

No floaters..

Sunday was a glorious sailing day, with several Laser sailors out on the water and the RS Aero being taken for a spin by a couple of interested sailors.

But the most interesting video of the day is the Moth. The learning curve on a Moth is steep and long, but progress comes to those who persist.

Here we have a recent convert, Neil O'Toole, demonstrating his progress in the Moth skills on a windy Dun Laoghaire harbour. He still capsizes occasionally, but most of the time he's fast and upright. Foiling gybes are only a little wobbly and foiling tacks are nearly there.

The video was taken by Brian Spence from McCready Sailboats, who was down giving demos in the RS Aero.  It passes by at one stage...upright.

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