Monday, June 9, 2014

Saturday - OK & RS alone

Saturday was a beautiful day with sun and unexpectedly strong winds, peaking with 30 knot gusts instead of the forecast 15-20 knots. Seapoint was playing rough too, with short steep chop in the shallow water on a very low tide.

Disappointingly there were only two PY dinghies on the course, sharing the water with three Fireballs, three (?) IDRA14s and three Mermaids.

Sunny Saturdays
The course was set for three laps of a W-L, and set LONG too. In PY Sheehy's OK Dinghy finished the first race in a little under an hour while the RS actually sailed the Flying Fifteen course and completed 4 laps, gifting the win to the OK and making that first race extra hard work!

For Race 2 the OK had to head for home after one leg, having underestimated the length of the races and needing to be back ashore, leaving O'Hare's RS400 to complete the course and take the win.

Race 1
Race 2


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