Monday, February 17, 2014

Lasers post big gains at the corners, but win by sticking to the middle!

In the first race, the Laser start was rather congested at the pin end, as many had watched Hugh Sheehy's OK Dinghy cross the fleet with a perfectly executed port end flyer. However a right-hand shift mid-way up the first beat meant that Hodgins, who started in the middle of the line, was ahead at the first cross. 

The right appeared to pay on the second half of the beat and Harding lead from Cahill at the first mark with Hodgins a close third. There were big gains and losses at the corners but Harding kept close tabs on Cahill whilst sticking to the middle of the race track to hang on for the win, with Cahill second, Hodgins third and Hudson fourth.

The second race started in similar fashion with a significant port end bias leading to some struggling to cross the line on starboard. With big shifts still dominating the middle seemed to be the safest place to be and Harding lead round the first mark again from Cahill and Hodgins. With plenty of traffic around, nerves across the fleet were frayed on the run as the wind dropped to around 5-6knts. 

On the second beat, Hodgins gambled on the right hand side and started the second lap in the lead with Cahill having squeezed past Harding to remain second. As the leading two fought for clear air down the run, Harding was allowed to close up and the first three rounded the bottom mark in quick succession. All three tacked quickly and Harding led out to the left although Hodgins soon tacked right looking to repeat his gains of the previous lap. This time however the wind swung left giving Harding had a decent advantage at the final windward mark which he held to the finish.

Cahill was second followed by Hodgins. Malcolm (fourth) and Vedo (fifth) pushed Hudson down to 6th. But Hudson now clearly leads the second series after six races with 22pts.

Results here:   

Report by Richard Harding.
Photos copyright DMYC Frostbites.
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